Mental Mate, Saintnine!

The Saintnine golf ball,
a combination of science and psychology

Gary Gilchrist, a world-renowned golf coach who worked as the swing coach for Yani Tseng, Ariya Jutanugarn, and Lydia Ko, said, "I ask my students to draw their favorite pictures on golf balls. Whenever you look at the picture and prepare yourself, you can play accurately," thus revealing his special know-how for controlling the mental strength of professional golfers.

Saintnine golf ball incorporates "golf psychology," which the field of study only Saintnine pursues, and beyond "golf science" that all golf product makers are studying. And the product of this study is the "Mental Mate."

Saintnine Mental Mate is a "golf mental control-only character" created from a combination of color psychology that visually helps with mental control and animal characters developed based on analytical psychology to stimulate a golfers' mental strength.

Mental Mate, Saintnine!

In 2012, Saintnine Mental Mate opened a new era of character golf balls, which are the product of combining color psychology and symbolic psychology.
As time progresses, the meanings of colors change gradually depending on the context of the time.
Mental Mate has also evolved to provide golfers with the best mental control in keeping with the changing times.
To help golfers control their minds more strongly and reliably, improvements were made to the first-generation Mental Mate, and Saintnine introduced the next generation Mental Mate upgraded with simplification and highlighting.

Mental Mate 1st Generation

Mental Mate 2nd Generation

Mental Mate 2nd Generation

Confidence, Pride, Courage, Bravery
The best shot starts with confidence. Lions who dominate the plains are always full of pride, courage and confidence. Mental Mate Leo will grant you the mentality to dominate the field.
Endure, Perseverance, Will, Patience, Durability
Mistakes occur the moment one loses patience. Camels that live on barren lands, deserts and plains symbolize patience in Mental Mate. Mental Mate Camela will help sustain your mentality at the highest level until the last moment of the 18th hole.
Serenity, Composure, Calm, Stability
The best way to improve one’s score is to engage in practice or rounds with a consistent mindset. The flamingo's relaxed composure is a necessary mentality for golfers who are prone to impatience. Before taking a shot, gaze at Mental Mate Laming for three seconds. You'll improve your score with every stroke.
Relax, Mercy, Generosity, Flexibility
As long as one never loses one’s composure, opportunities will surely come again.
The leisure of elephants who live on vast grasslands is a mentality necessary in difficult situations.
Enjoy the field leisurely with your Mental Mate Elly. You will gain
the chance to turn the game around.
Joy, Pleasant, Fun
This is an old saying which means "Those who know fall short of those who like, and those who like fall short of those who enjoy."
Optimistic and playful monkeys are symbols of pleasure.
Mental Mate Keymon makes you experience the true joy of rounding.
Rivalry, Fighting spirit, Courage, Boldness
To be a true winner, one must be able to seize the opportunity that arrives. The king of the skies, the eagle, never misses a small prey on the ground, even from high in the sky. Mental Mate Eagle instills in golfers a strong desire to win.
Focus, Concentration, Deliberation
One must not lose focus until the finish, to ensure the ball reaches the targeted point. Crocodiles are famous for concentrating until the last decisive moment when hunting. If you have been worried about your lack of concentration at the last minute, try a round with the Mental Mate Cro.
Positive, Understanding, Recognition, Desirability
The mentality one should always maintain until the moment one takes off one’s gloves is positivity. Positive thinking allows one to overcome any crisis or obstacle. Puppy is full of bright and positive energy. Try a round with the Mental Mate Puppi. There will be an amazing change in your rounding.
Trust, Certainty, Reliability
From the moment one stands on a field, the only one to trust and rely on is oneself. Rhinoceros do not form packs, choosing instead to build territory alone. Mental Mate Rhino will teach you how to trust yourself.

In a distant universe beyond Andromeda,
is the planet S-9, home of the Mental Mates, creatures with a golf handicap below 9.

Each Mental Mate has the power to control one aspect of mentality.

One day in February 2012,
nine Mental Mates from S-9 were dispatched to protect the mentality of golfers on Earth.

They called themselves "Team Saintnine."

With appearances similar to animals on Earth
they delivered the mental power golfers need.
They performed their duties well.

As the level of golfers on Earth rose,
Mental Mates achieved their objective and began to live in seclusion deep in the golf course.

10 years later,
the population new golfers exploded rapidly.
An era of mental chaos arrived on the golf course.

Saint Leo, the leader of Team Saintnine and a Mental Mate who protects golfers’ confidence,
came to the conclusion that it was time for Team Saintnine to protect these golfers' game once again.

Team Saintnine receives a command to return …

Mental Mate Q&A

Q&A with Leo
All nine Mental Mates look like animals.
Do all Mental Mates have the appearance of animals?
Haha. Not at all. As 50,000 representing 50,000 thoughts of the universe are
gathered, there are Mental Mates who have appearances familiar to Earth,
but there are many Mental Mates that were never seen before.
Mental Mates who will visit you in the future will be beyond your imagination.
Does that mean more Mental Mates will come to Earth?
That's right. Planet S-9 has 49,991 Mental Mates who want to help Earth's golfers. They are looking forward to being dispatched to Earth even at this moment.
They will gradually be dispatched to Earth in the future.
Can Mental Mates only live in golf balls?
No. The environments Mental Mates can live is really diverse. However, but there is a catch.
Mental Mates can only live in golf-related items or places.
If more Mental Mates come to Earth in the future, people will be able to meet Mental Mates in any object or place related to golf.