Your Mental Mate "Saintnine"

Saintnine respects the tradition and authority of golf, which has long been loved by countless players worldwide.
Now, Saintnine will create a new golf culture founded in the spirit and values upheld by today's golfers that add to the tradition and authority of golf.
Saintnine has developed itself as a brand that plays with golfers from all around the world beyond Korea as the pioneer of a new and creative golf culture.

The emperor of golf, Jack Naklaus, said "What determines victory is 20 percent skill and 80 percent mentality."
Mental strength has been a significant factor that determines golf scores to the extent that golf is often referred to as a "fight against oneself."
It also plays a significant role in drawing out one’s physical capabilities.
In golf, Mind Control helps double one’s concentration and improves one's ability to play with a more comfortable mind.
Saintnine is a brand that helps improve Mind Control in golf, a mental sport.

Saintnine is all poised to grow as a Golf Mentor brand that helps every golfer to become a Low Handy Player (9, Single Score). Saintnine is a brand for golfers with the attitude of not only pursuing performance but also enjoying the harmony between man and nature.


Saintnine Concept


Saintnine embodies
two romances all golfers dream of.

The first romance embodied within Saintnine can be found in the word 'Saint'.
Golf is a sport that symbolizes dignity and authority.
The 'Saint' of Saintnine represents the promise to deliver golf's dignity to golfers through all products introduced to the world in the name of Saintnine.
The second romance is embodied in the word 'Nine (9)'.
Anyone who plays golf thinks scores are important.
In particular, one of the words that indicate score, nine, which means a Single Handicap, is also one of the romances all golfers cherish.
'Nine (9)' of Saintnine means the promise to help one become a single handicap golfer.
Saintnine is born from these two promises.
Find the dignity and performance of single scores with the premium golf balls of Saintnine, a top-notch brand that has inherited the tradition and authority of golf.