• 1) Official ball : This is a golf ball manufactured according to the standards established to fairly evaluate the skills of players participating in golf tournaments. If a professional golfer uses a golf ball capable of flying far distances, the skills between the players cannot be evaluated fairly. These regulations also apply to golf clubs (driver rebound coefficient of 0.83 or less). Saintnine is an official ball.
  • 2) Non-official ball : These are products that do not meet public standards. Not meeting the standard does not mean that there is a quality problem. Amateur golfers often use private drivers to increase their shot distance, and these products are sold at a higher price because they are capable of flying greater distances.

  • 1) Structure: When a golf ball is cut, if the internal structure is a three-layer structure, it is referred to as a 3 PC; ;it is called a 4 PC if it has a four-layer structure. In the past, most products with more than 3 pieces featured a rubber band wrapped inside, but recently, almost all 3 PC and 4 PC balls feature solid structures with advanced golf ball manufacturing technology. The same 3 PC ball can be subdivided into 1 core + 2 covers or 2 cores + 1 cover, and a 4 PC ball can be subdivided into 2 cores + 2 covers and 1 core + 3 covers.
  • 2) Performance: The performance of a golf ball varies significantly depending on the differences in cover materials and dimple pattens, rather than depending on the 3 PC and 4 PC structures. Therefore, a higher number of pieces does not guarantee greater performance. It is wise to choose a ball based on one’s swing speed and characteristics customized for one’s game (distance, control, hit feel, etc.).

  • Urethane, which is mainly used as the cover material for premium balls, has very soft physical properties due to the nature of the material. For this reason, backspin occurs more on the surlyn cover, particularly when using a middle iron or lower, making it easy to control. However, due to the nature of the soft material, it also reduces the impact energy transferred from the club, so manufacturers make efforts to minimize the reduction in impact energy by reducing the thickness of the urethane cover.

  • Both urethane covers and surlyn covers are chemically synthesized materials. Humidity and heat are the most fatal elements to these chemicals.
    In addition, direct sunlight also causes a photochemical reaction in cover materials, affecting the overall ball performance. Golf balls can be used without significant performance degradation if stored in a shaded place at room temperature. However, if stored for too long without use, this can lead to a hardening of the butadiene rubber, the main component of the core. The best solution is to use the ball within a year of purchase.

  • USGA and R&A are accredited ball certification bodies which also act as the institution verifying whether the ball's performance meets the standards required at professional golf competitions, but they are not quality assurance organizations. However, Saintnine will try to promptly resolve any issues raised by customers in relation to its golf balls.