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About Golf | History of Golf

Golf is a club-and-ball-sports sport where one hits a ball with a club to push it into a hole on the course.
An official game will be held on a course consisting of 18 holes and a recreational game will be held on a course with 9 holes.
The rankings of players are determined in the order of fewer strokes.
Types of games include a match play method in which players compete for each individual hole and a stroke play method in which the number of strokes taken over the entire course is counted.
Golf historians argue that the etymology of the word golf originated from the Scottish archaic word "golf." Goff is synonymous with the English word "cuff," which means "to hit," and the "c" changed to in Scottish to "g" and became "goff," which gradually changed to become today's "golf." The weight of the golf ball used for a golf game is consistently 45.93 g, but the diameter of a large ball is 4.27 cm and a small ball is 4.11 cm.

*Source: Wikipedia

What function does a dimple serve in golf?
Dimples were made in England in 1910. Dimple is a technology that reduces the air resistance acting on golf balls, enhancing the accuracy of direction and distance. The deeper the dimple, the smaller the size, and the more the number, the lower the trajectory. Inversely, the shallower the depth, the larger the size, and the smaller the number, the higher the trajectory.

What are the characteristics of a golf ball piece?
Piece is a layer that makes up a golf ball. If a ball consists only of a core and a cover, it is referred to as 2 pieces. If a ball consists of a core, an inner cover and an outer cover, it is referred to as 3 pieces. Understanding the characteristics of each piece is critical as it directly relates to performance. A 1-piece ball is a practice ball and is light in weight. A 2-piece ball is a distance-oriented ball that is ideal for golfers with slow swing speed. A 3-piece ball is a control-oriented ball that designed for golfers who care more about accuracy than distance. 4-piece and 5-piece balls are premium balls that combine the advantages of distance of 2-piece balls and the control of 3-piece balls.

What does the spin amount of a ball mean?
The higher the spin amount, the greater the floating force the ball will have in the air, resulting in a loss in distance. On the contrary, the smaller the spin amount, the less floating force, resulting in severe run. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right ball for one’s head speed. If a golfer with fast head speed uses a ball with high spin, the spin amount may become too high and the direction of the ball may not be properly controlled. All Saintnine balls are marked with 8-Iron Spin, which is divided into five stages for easy understanding.  

What is the longest distance a golf ball can go?
Will the distance continue to increase as golf ball technology advances?
The distance may continue to increase with the development of golfing skills and equipment, but there is a fixed answer here in terms of golf balls. The official ball has a regulation called the Overall Distance Standard. This is a regulation regarding the ball's Carry and Roll. This is because the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, which oversees the world's golf rules, regulates the total distance of golf balls to not exceed 317 yards (290 meters) when they are hit at a swing speed of 120 mph.
What are the specifications of an official ball?
The specification of the official golf ball stipulated by the AR&A and USGA are as follows:
Diameter: 42.67 mm or more / Weight: 45.93 g or less / Initial Velocity: 255 ft/sec or less / Overall distance: 317 yard or less
*Tested at a club swing speed of 120 mph
Spherical Symmetry: Ball must be designed to be symmetrical and must not deliberately deform its properties.

Why is a golf ball from a tire company able to achieve great performance?
Golf ball consists of its core, cover and dimples. Among them, the core, which makes up most of a golf ball, is made of synthetic rubber with high elasticity. This elasticity acts as the engine that provides momentum to a golf ball. And what kind of company best understands and handles synthetic rubber, the core of golf balls? Yes, it's a tire company.
Saintnine embodies the essence of rubber technology accumulated over several decades by Nexen, the company with the best industrial tire and synthetic rubber mixture technologies.