Golf is Mental!
Mental Mate "Extreme Soft Green"

Saintnine’s new Premium 3PC golf ball Extreme Soft Green!!!
You can get both ball control and drive distance with the ball before stepping on the green.
Enjoy the thrill of victory through Extreme Soft Green.

Extreme Soft Green

Fast ball speed at impact and powerful drive

Powerful spin and precise control performance in short games

Smooth hits and uniform direction on the green

Enhanced focus with Mental Mate and powerful cover durability

  • ① Core :Extreme High Energy Core
    High-performance core offering smooth hits
  • ② Middle :Power Transfer Layer
    Premium mantle for enhanced ball speed and drive distance
  • ③ Cover :New High Resilience Urethane
    Urethane cover improving spin at impact
  • ③ Dimple :322 dimples ensuring uniform trajectory and flight

Performance Characteristics

Mental Mate, Saintnine!
The Saintnine golf ball,
a combination of science and psychology

Gary Gilchrist, a world-renowned golf coach who worked as the swing coach for Yani Tseng, Ariya Jutanugarn, and Lydia Ko, said, "I ask my students to draw their favorite pictures on golf balls. Whenever you look at the picture and prepare yourself, you can play accurately," thus revealing his special know-how for controlling the mental strength of professional golfers.

Saintnine golf ball incorporates "golf psychology," which the field of study only Saintnine pursues, and beyond "golf science" that all golf product makers are studying. And the product of this study is the "Mental Mate."

Saintnine Mental Mate is a "golf mental control-only character" created from a combination of color psychology that visually helps with mental control and animal characters developed based on analytical psychology to stimulate a golfers' mental strength.